The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consists of representatives appointed by the governing board of each representative agency having authority to direct and control the following departments and agencies.  Each member has one (1) vote, except as noted.


City of Ammon Administration – One (1) Member

City of Ammon Engineering – One (1) Member

City of Idaho Falls Planning – One (1) Member

City of Idaho Falls Public Works Division – Two (2) Members

City of Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Division – One (1) Member

City of Iona/Ucon – One (1) Member

Bonneville County Engineering Department – One (1) Member

Bonneville County Planning Department – One (1) Member

Public Transportation (Vacant) – One (1) Member

Idaho Transportation Department District 6 – One (1) Member

Idaho National Laboratory – One (1) Member

Idaho Transportation Department Headquarters Ex-Officio Member(s) – Non Voting

Federal Highway Administration Ex-Officio Member(s) – Non Voting


TAC, with the support and cooperation of the BMPO staff, undertakes those technical activities necessary for the continuing, comprehensive and cooperative transportation planning process.  TAC works under the direction of and in an advisory capacity to the Policy Board.