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2008 School Zone Study 2008 Traffic Control for School Zones BMPO School Traffic Guidelines School Site Recommendations The 2008 BMPO School Zone Evaluation and Traffic Study was performed to: 1) develop uniform standards across the metropolitan area in the applications of traffic control devices and crossing guards in School Zones and 2) identify existing school zones and crossings needing improvement.  Consistent application of signing and pavement markings in School Zones will result in consistent motorist behavior which will improve safety for students traveling to and from school.

The School Zone Study is a report on the process and a summary of the results of the Study.  The Traffic Control for School Zones in the Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Area is the basis for establishing and maintaining all current and future school zones throughout the metropolitan area.


Complete Streets Strategy Complete Streets safely accommodate users of all ages and abilities such as pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists. This strategy is intended to ensure all transportation agencies within the Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO) will consider Complete Street principles with the goal of creating an attractive connected multi-modal network that balances the needs of all users, except where there are demonstrated exceptional circumstances.