The governing body of BMPO is the Policy Board.  Members of the BMPO Policy Board consist of the following representatives, each of whom have one (1) vote in matters coming before the Policy Board:

Michelle Ziel-Dingman, Chair
Council Member
City of Idaho Falls
Brian Powell, Vice Chair
Ammon Council President
City of Ammon
Rebecca Casper
City of Idaho Falls
Dan Gubler
City of Iona
Craig Sturman
City of Ucon
Bryon Reed
Bonneville County
Jim Freeman
Council Member
City of Idaho Falls
Jim Francis
Council Member
City of Idaho Falls
Wade Allen
Interim District 6 Engineer
ITD Representative

Policy Board representatives are appointed by their respective governing bodies and will remain on the Policy Board until they resign or are replaced by the governing body of the public agency.  The Board consists of representatives as outlined below:

City of Ammon – One (1) Elected Official
City of Idaho Falls – Four (4) Elected Officials
City of Iona – One (1) Elected Official
City of Ucon – One (1) Elected Official
Bonneville County – One (1) Member of the County Commission
Idaho Transportation Department District 6 – One (1) Member
Public Transportation (Vacant) – One (1) Member