Sunnyside Road in Idaho Falls between I‐15 and Yellowstone Highway is designated as US Highway 26 as well as the Interstate 15 Business Loop, under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). The Sunnyside Road corridor in the vicinity of the I‐15 interchange has been under considerable development pressure and rapidly increasing traffic volumes since its construction in 2007. Sunnyside Road was also recently identified in the Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO) Transportation System Alternatives Study as one leg of the proposed Inner Beltway FY2019 or later around Idaho Falls. As such, its functional classification will change from principal arterial to strategic arterial. West of the I‐15 interchange to a future extension of Old Butte Road, widening is expected from the current two‐lane section to four lanes with a median, as well as limited access along the entire corridor. However, neither funding nor a construction year for the project has yet been identified. The planned improvement to extend Old Butte Road southward from its current terminus at Pancheri Drive to Sunnyside Road will construct another leg of the future Inner Beltway. Funding for the Old Butte Road Extension is currently programmed in the Idaho Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP) as follows: design in FY2014, right‐of‐way acquisition in FY2017 and construction in Preliminary Development.

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