In 2011 the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), in conjunction with the Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO), completed a Transportation System Alternatives Study, evaluating the transportation investments needed to meet the area’s vision for growth and to explore alternative ways to address and support those transportation investments. The study forecast population and traffic growth for the short and long-term, as well as identified transportation system deficiencies and needs to support the forecast growth in the area.

The Transportation System Alternatives Study identified several capacity issues in the Interstate 15/US-20 Interchange area that will require attention prior to the expected growth. It was recommended that a corridor impact study be initiated to explore and evaluate options for improving the interchange performance and the performance of the roadways near the interchange, including the corridor from south of Broadway on I-15 to north of Science Center Drive on US-20.

Level 1 Screening Analysis Appendix A – Evaluated Concepts Appendix B – Evaluation Matrix The focus of this Preliminary Screening Analysis is to explore and perform an initial screening of concepts to be carried forward for a more detailed operational analysis and screening.